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About our Company

On 1986 Cinzia Baglioni and Livio Gorini started their activity in the Jewelry field manufacturing gold and silver jewels. Their primary focus was to manufacture fine gold chains and jewelry for internationally known and prestigious manufacturing companies able to market their goods internationally. After 10 years of experience achievement in the Gold Industry, on 1996 the two young entrepreneurs, created their first designed jewelry line named “Omega chain”, hence the company name became OMEGA ART. Upon its founding, Omega Art provided high quality and precise craftsmanship to all of its customers combining technological excellency, avant garde design, and impeccable production skills to produce its strictly “Made in Italy” jewellery. On 2002 the first Cinzia and Livio’s son, Manuel entered in the company and on 2004 the younger brother Michele joined the company as well. Their activity in the company distinguished Omega Art in the worldwide market. Their new ideas allowed the brand to get closer to the young generations, attracted today by their “anti -sophisticated” style. As the Omega Art name became known and their reputation built, the company introduced the “Gorini Gioielli” brand on 2010. The Gorini Gioielli line showcased the sparkling new “Dnair” the expandable jewelry collections, for which Omega Art name has become synonymous. The company quickly grew up and joined the ranks of the leading jewelry manufacturing companies in Italy.

Today, on 2017, Omega Art continues to introduce new and fashion forward fine jewelry to their already expansive and impressive line of collections. The Omega chain collection still remain one of the trademark and classic of Omega Art. Maintaining collections over a period of years, Omega Art updates the look, style and feel of every collection by making small yet powerful changes every season. “We want our customers to be part of our Family, discovering all of our amazing collections and wearing the Gorini Gioielli’s jewelry with pride just as we take pride in being among the top and one of the most popular manufacturer and designers in the industry”- Mr. Gorini Livio said. Technological innovation and obsession for perfection, bring thousands of people from all continents to be seduced time and again every day by our products.

Manuel Gorini – Michele Gorini
Born on 1982 Manuel Gorini studied as jewelry designer from 1996 until 1999 and later on studied Economy until the 2004 when joined the family business in full and started studying jewelry design. Michele repeated the same experiences few years later. The two brothers get started in their father’s and mother’s company in the Tuscany region of Italy exactly in Arezzo which is one of the most important jewellery manufacturing district in the world. They experimented and came up with a style that catch the eyes of 3 different generations at the same time, taking particular care of details. Employment of very high technologies combined with hand finishing of the most precious metals in nature, has become his signature style.
“Anti-sophisticated” jewelry by Manuel Gorini is sensuous, expertly crafted and designed with imagination. His flair for making a statement that is at once glamorous and personal has been Gorini Gioielli hallmark since he launched the first collections on 2010.
Says Michele Gorini, “I’m designing for modern cosmopolitan women who understand that they can wear bold pieces with an understated look and be noticed for their taste and style”.

International Business

Our products are showcased by the top world retailers and in the last 20 years we have exported our creations to over 100 countries in the world. Our local production, made in Ponte alla Piera (Arezzo Gold District), is exported all over the world. All is entirely "Made in Italy". We participate to all world top Jewelry events. Our designers and sales representatives are continuously traveling the world trying to catch inspirations and new trends.

Research and Innovation

Memory Shape Jewelry Concept is a new line of light and flexible jewelry entirely made of gold or silver.

We started from the concept of an eye-catching jewel, unique and practical, for a modern woman who appreciates the linearity of shapes.
With this new technology, gold becomes Flexible, an amazing concept, never before experienced in the field of jewelry. The key concept has been developed thanks to a huge laboratory research that studied an alloy of gold who might be able to keep its shape memorized.

Technically the jewels are made of many strong gold wires that, tightly braided together, produce an incredibly bright light effect.
The same gold wires give shape to jewelry, bulky and at the same time lightweight.
Lightness further enhances the concept and value of a jewel worn in absolute comfort.
The thousand threads ensure the durability and the strength of a jewel that will never lose its elasticity.

The line is protected by a patent that reserves, exclusively to Omega Art, the right to produce and marketing.